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Restoration of Garuda Pushkarini

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  • May 25th 2023
  • Tejas Nandlal Pawar
  • ( Wanaparthy , Telangana )

Restoration of Garuda Pushkarini:

A Historical Stepwell that had a lot of history and life few years ago, which is located in Wanaparthy Municipality, Wanaparthy District, Telangana State. 

"When we were kids, we used to come for evening walks along with our grand parent and we used to play around this well. It was so much of joy and fun to see fishes jumping and turtles swimming in this freshwater well. But now, it is very unfortunate to see this well lifeless, filled with plastic and other pollutants" - shares few of green team members with coordination of District Collector, Wanaparthy.

"Our objective is to protect and safeguard this historical well for future generation and get the life back in this well".

Garuda Pushkarini has been restored with "great care and attention to detail, taking into consideration its historical significance and spiritual importance. The restoration project has been meticulously planned, with great respect for the environment and local communities. This initiative will safeguard this ancient practice from further degradation".

Garuda Pushkarini, a historical Stepwell located in Wanaparthy, is facing the serious threat of plastic pollution. The government of Wanaparthy has launched a Special Drive with Coordination of Green Team, Wanaparthy to restore the lake and create awareness among local people about the dangers of plastic wastage.

In order to make this drive more effective, Green Team Wanaparthy has partnered with Hyderabad Climbing Club (HCC) a rock climbers group. This team consists of volunteers who are committed to restoring Garuda Pushkarini by removing plastic waste and creating awareness about its conservation. The team is working tirelessly to educate local communities about the importance of reducing their use of plastic materials and disposing them responsibly. Through this effort, We were able to restore the natural beauty and purity of Garuda Pushkarini for future generations as a result of our endeavor, and this stepwell is now home to 5 turtles and hundreds of fish, Which leads visitors to sit for hours watching them swim.

"Green Team, Wanaparthy is working to make this Garuda Pushkarini stepwell a sustainable well.".


Authored By Tejas Nandlal Pawar

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