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"Every School- Smart School"

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  • May 24th 2023
  • Praveen Singh Adhayach
  • ( Sehore , Madhya Pradesh )

As per the wish of Honorable Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Ji Chouhan, continuous efforts are being made to improve the quality of education in the state.  to further the efforts of Quality education in District ,

"Every School - Smart School "concept was based on providing smart TV and digital education material to every school by providing at least one smart Television in each school of District. 

In this context, District Collector Sehore organised a one day motivational workshop to Principal, Public Representative, School management committee members, which gave orientation to all participants about concept & motivation to contribute in the generous cause .A motivational theme "Meri Shala - Meri Zimmedari" was designed as a campaign for this work ,which caught immediate attention of the participants and gave great results .

The concept was designed to work as a community initiative "With out using any government funds ", it was a community driven initiative . The target was 1552 schools of Sehore district and total public with support  for this initiative was about Rs Four Crore Twenty Five Lacs  (Rs. 4,25,00000/-)

Smart class - helpful in increasing the quality of education

1- Concept of  smart class will play an important role in  increasing the educational  level of children studying in government schools

2- This will increase the interest of parents and children towards government  schools.

3- With the help of Smart TV, difficult concepts of children can be explained easily.

4- The smart class scheme will significantly improve the image of government  schools.

5- Cognitive devlopment of children is ensured.

Bhagirathi effort of smart class public cooperation

Sehore District Collector appealed to make every school a smart school in a workshop organized at the district level on 17 November 2022

Today all of the 1552 government schools in Sehore district have smart TV.

This is a unique example of community participation and public cooperation.

In about a fortnight, getting equipment worth about four crore twenty five lakhs with public cooperation is a big example of public participation in itself.

In this pious work, along with social workers, people's representatives and the staff of the Revenue Department, the Education Department has done a remarkable job.


Authored By Praveen Singh Adhayach

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